Home-less or Home for Less?

In the light of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, Ireland’s national economy collapsed. After an unprecedented real estate boom, the bubble around the Irish housing market burst. Many working families found themselves incapable of paying off their mortgages and faced imminent homelessness. The number of homeless people in Ireland is on the rise ever since, especially in the city of Dublin. As a response to the persistent basic need for shelter, ad hoc scenarios were developed, ranging from temporary emergency shelters to squats in abandoned buildings. Meanwhile, the underlying issue of affordable housing shortage remains pressing as the demand grows vis-à-vis Post-Brexit speculations. In this design studio, we will examine alternative housing models and develop strategy-based sustainable urban design solutions for the homeless in a specific neighbourhood in Dublin.

Der Entwurf wird auf Englisch angeboten, Rücksprachen sind jedoch auf Deutsch möglich.

Entwurf Bachelor / Master – 10 / 15 / 20 CP
Prof. Dr. Nina Gribat
M.Sc. Iman Charara
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schmitt
Wed, 09.30 – 17.00
1st meeting, 18 10 2017
examination, 30 01 2018